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Modern Convergent Therapies, dedicated to assist you with your healing needs through a therapy plan designed specifically for you, using the tools collected in over 20 years of training and experience, skillfully engaging your body's self-correcting mechanisms. 

Whatever the condition, chronic or acute, a therapy such as Bowen Therapy (Tom Bowen) will address the emergency stored in your nervous system, sending a message to relax and restore, or neuro-muscular movement therapies to correct dysfunctional movement patterns stored in your brain. In addition, I can pinpoint  and correct an imbalance priority with Voila Method of Structural Joint Balancing, and recently added Amino NeuroFrequency Therapy (ANF) adding cutting edge wearable technology to reduce pain and inflammation, restore frequency to cells.  Having a number of techniques available means that I can tailor a session specifically for you by asking your body what it wants. Trust me, it knows! 

American Bowen Academy
Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia
​American Bodyworker and Massage Professionals.
How would life be without pain?
Remember, whether you're an athlete trying to enhance your abilities/repair injuries, or restore functional movement, a person on temporary disability trying to get back to work, someone suffering from  and autoimmune disorder, or simply someone struggling to stay well and in good balance, I look forward to introducing you to a healthier way of life!

Modern Convergent Therapies
"Experience and training; merging toward a common point. Modern, convergent and specific to you!"  
Text message me at (530) 529-6349 or email me! Bowengirl23@gmail.com
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